Welcome to django-oscar-paypal’s documentation!

This package provides integration between django-oscar and two of PayPal’s payment options:

  • PayPal Express - Involves redirecting customer’s over to PayPal’s site where they can choose shipping options and confirm payment using their PayPal account. The customer is then redirected back to the merchant site where they confirm the order.
  • PayPal PayFlow Pro - Allows you to accept customer payments on your site without requiring a redirect to PayPal. This allows the customer to pay with a normal bankcard rather than their PayPal account.

It’s possible to use both of these options individually or at the same time. Further, it’s possible to use either without Oscar.


Whichever payment option you wish to use, the package installation instructions are the same.


pip install django-oscar-paypal

By default, this won’t install Oscar as well. To install Oscar, run:

pip install "django-oscar-paypal[oscar]"

Finally, add paypal to your INSTALLED_APPS, and run:

python manage.py syncdb

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